Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

How to make millions of Dollars on the Internet?

By having at least one million own dollars in your pockets, free to invest but it is still not guaranteed.. The times are over, in which clever and new business ideas impressed not only investors but also the stock market.

Because the Internet is an old Kondratieff Cycle. You are too late.. It would be more safe if you would play the lottery or face the realty. Your chances are much higher.

Instead of riding on the old waves, try to recognise the new one that we will be confronting and ride on it when the time is right.. to not miss it this time!.

This advice is just for those who are interested in trying to reach big financial goals through the internet, not for people who are just using the internet as a basic promotion source or expand something specific so that they can still observe and handle it themselves with ease and without stress.

This is an original Tedora article - first published on 21st Jun 2010 on Sunzu

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